Putting Baby Mojo to the Test

It has been observed that my New York Football Giants are undefeated this year in games where SteelyKid was present for the game, and happy. The one game they’ve lost, an inexcusable thrashing by the otherwise hapless Browns, was a night game, and Kate took her upstairs for a final feeding before kickoff, and put […]

Thursday Baby Blogging 112708

It’s Thanksgiving today, which has always been one of my favorite holidays. It’s not just that there’s nothing more American than a holiday dedicated to overeating and football. I also like the idea of setting aside a day to be thankful for what you’ve got. And I’ve got a lot to be thankful for– a […]

links for 2008-11-27

slacktivist: Why oh why can’t we have a better press corps? "Part of the answer to that question is that our newspapers are being asked to do something they were never designed to do and something they are fundamentally and structurally incapable of doing: they’re being asked to provide shareholders with double-digit and ever-increasing profit […]

links for 2008-11-26

nanoscale views: A (serious) modest proposal "As part of the forthcoming major economic stimulus package, I propose that the Obama administration fully fund the America Competes initiative immediately." (tags: science politics academia economics) ‘Teaching Unprepared Students’ :: Inside Higher Ed :: Higher Education’s Source for News, Views and Jobs "Many experts say that the United […]

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FQXi Community: Articles, Forums, Blogs, News "For the current [essay] contest, [the topic] is “The Nature of Time,” including, but not limited to, the arrow of time; the emergence of time in quantum gravity; time, free will and determinism; time travel; the beginning or ending of time; and timelessness." (tags: physics time internet quantum astronomy […]

links for 2008-11-23

CHART ATTACK!: 11/24/84 | Popdose "When you’re on fire like Lionel Richie in 1984, you can do whatever the hell you want. You can write a song called “Penny Lover,” which is not actually about somebody who loves pennies, or even about someone who loves girls named Penny. And you can sit back and watch […]

Programming Note, Party Games

Next Thursday is Thanksgiving, and the impending holiday and associated travel has thrown our schedules all out of whack. I’m making myself crazy trying to maintain the usual posting schedule while still meeting work and family responsibilities. Thus, for at least the next week, and possibly longer, I’m not even going to try. If something […]

links for 2008-11-21

The End of Wall Street’s Boom – National Business News – Portfolio.com It seems I’m obliged to link to this. Apologies for the delay. (tags: politics economics culture business books) MPR: Challenged ballots: You be the judge Do you like politics? And radio-button Internet polls? Well, this is the post-election article you’ve been dreaming of… […]