Paying For Free Stuff Is a Solved Problem, Isn’t It?

A couple of days ago, the LHC Blog asked about the future funding of the arxiv pre-print server, currently hosted at Cornell. Cornell is looking to get some external funding, though: Currently the plan is to ask the “heaviest user institutions” (other university library systems) to voluntarily contribute to support arXiv operational costs. The FAQ […]

Links for 2009-12-31

Sketches and Paintings by Richard Feynman | Amusing Planet “Richard Feynman started taking art lessons at the age of 44, and continued drawing for the rest of his life. These include portraits of his close friends, wife and daughter and professional models that posed for him at his friend’s studio. Feynman was also an avid […]

How to Teach Physics to Your Dog: Obsessive Update

I should probably start date-tagging these updates about miscellaneous How to Teach Physics to Your Dog news. I don’t really mean this to become a second daily links dump, but it’s kind of looking that way… — As a general matter, it’s dangerous for authors to acknowledge the existence of Amazon customer reviews (acknowledgment leads […]

Links for 2009-12-30

YouTube – Tom Waits 「 Heigh Ho 」 ( The Dwarfs marching song ) from Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs Creepiest. Disney song cover. EVER! (tags: music movies video youtube) Gallagher | DVD | Interview | The A.V. Club Kind of a surreal extended get-offa-my-lawn rant, only vaguely related to the questions being asked. […]

Why Every Dog Should Love Quantum Physics 6: Superconductors

If you’re still not sure whether you should be teaching physics to your dog, here’s another good reason: Superconductors. The “super” in “superconductor” refers to the fact that these materials conduct electric current with absolutely zero resistance, better than the best ordinary metals. This has obvious applications in the green technology field (which dogs should […]

How to Teach Physics to Your Dog: Obsessive Update

Today’s miscellaneous information about How to Teach Physics to your Dog: — Following on yesterday’s discussion about Barnes & Noble, which seems to have numerous in-store copies everywhere but New England, where I am, it’s not some system-wide issue– B&N stores have a healthy number of copies, and have sold a pretty reasonable number of […]