The Exotic Physics of an Ordinary Morning: Talk at TEDxAlbany

I gave a talk at TEDxAlbany on December 3, 2015, on “The Exotic Physics of an Ordinary Morning”:

You might think that the bizarre predictions of quantum mechanics and relativity– particles that are also waves, cats that are both alive and dead, clocks that run at different rates depending on how you’re moving– and only come into play in physics laboratories or near black holes. In fact, though, even the strangest features of modern physics are essential for everything around us. The mundane process of getting up and getting ready for work relies on surprisingly exotic physics; understanding how this plays out adds an element of wonder to even the most ordinary morning.

(This is based on a preliminary draft; final talk does not, in fact, discuss relativity.)

Talk slides are here slides on SlideShare:

More details in this blog post.